Clear as Day
Clear as Day
Clear as Day

HD video, #climateaction twitter feed
infinite loop
edition of 3+1 AP

On view at Catharine Clark Gallery until 8/31/2019

Clear as Day, a time-based multimedia installation. It presents a real-time twitter feed of the hashtag #climateaction; a term often used to denote there is still hope for the environment. By presenting this scrolling text on the gallery wall over projected clouds of billowing red, white, and blue smoke, the work becomes a visual manifestation of political and environmental dialogues taking place online.

Tweets containing this term appear dozens of times an hour on average. As they scroll by, the installation references the short-lived relevance of any single tweet among the 350 million posted every day. This hashtag is most often used as an expression of horror, dissatisfaction, and skepticism of the current state of American political affairs or out of concern of the planet’s well-being. As the tweets build up over the day, the work highlights Twitter’s collective impact, becoming a visualization of social media’s power to connect us. It also underlines the increasing difficulty in distinguishing truth and relevance in the online world.